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Free Flight Academy – A European team of experienced instructors and XC guides dedicated to paraglider pilot progress and confidence building

Lee Tryhorn

BHPA Chief Flying Instructor & School Owner

Lee has been flying & teaching paragliding since 2005. His main drive is Acrobatic paragliding which has given him a passion for teaching security in flight and glider control clinics. He is a senior instructor with the BHPA and with a naturally calm and patient personality he specialises in progressing low air time & low confidence pilots. Lee has a high level of experience in running trips abroad and enjoys opening up new paragliding experiences for pilots. Lee is also an experienced tandem pilot and SIV instructor.

Fiona Tryhorn

The Boss :)

Qualified in 2011, Fiona has had a five year break in flying and is no longer out on trips as she is kept busy looking after our lively five year old daughter. Her organisation skills however are still second to none and if you need a speedy response it is likely to be her who contacts you first. If you venture on a trip to Algodonales she will look forward to meeting you in person and hopes to be back in the air soon.

Richard Dolan

XC Guide & SIV Instructor

Rich started paramotoring in 2016 and since then he has been hooked on flying. After taking his first SIV in 2018 he found acrobatic paragliding and this fuelled his love for the sport even more. Flying has taken him all over the world to places such as Kuwait, Egypt, Colombia and most recently Australia, where he travelled unsupported across the entire width via paramotor. Rich has spent some time as a trainee instructor in both paragliding and paramotoring and is pursuing further qualifications. He has a wide range of experience to tap into and offers a calming presence on launch and in the air.

Bea Garcia

XC Guide & Tandem Pilot

Bea is an internationally recognised ACRO pilot born in Madrid. She has been paragliding since 1994 and won her first competition just a year later. Since then paragliding has become her way of life and she loves and excels in every area of the sport. She has been an instructor, a paramotor aerobatic pilot and in the last 6 years she has focused on ACRO and is often found at international festivals and fairs. Paragliding has taken her to the most amazing corners of the planet and she is an inspiration to other pilots wanting to follow their dreams.

Chris White

XC Guide

Chris started flying in the spring of 1997 and was instantly addicted! Soon after he started teaching as a trainee instructor and hasn't stopped since. His drive to progress saw him became a dual pilot (2001), A BHPA parachute packer (2002), an Instructor (2003) and a senior instructor (2007). He has also dabbled in acro and flies and teaches paramotoring. Chris is calm and patient and enjoys teaching at all levels, but he absolutely loves guiding groups. For two decades he has guided trips all over the world whilst also working for different schools both at home and abroad. You couldn't ask for a more experienced guide.

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Peru 2024

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Thank you guys for a hugely enjoyable trip to the Dominican Republic. It was 2 weeks of pure pleasure: great flying in stunning locations with a lovely group of people, and all very professionally run. Keep up the good work!
Mark Winstanley
Rarely do people fit perfectly to their chosen profession, but when they do, they are the best. Lee is one of these mavericks - he is a highly competent pilot, clear and patient teacher, and an inspirational and fun motivator. Head out and fly with him - you will not regret it!
Simon Sandoval
My recent trip with Free Flight Academy to The Dominican Republic was excellent. It was well-researched, professionally organised and a wonderful experience and above all great fun. I would like to thank both Lee and Akis for all their hard work and dedication. I have no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone who has a taste for adventure.
Clive Allen
I can honestly say, in my opinion, Lee is undoubtedly one of the best paragliding instructors/tour guides in the world. His boundless enthusiasm for the sport, mixed with his immense knowledge of paragliding makes for a potent mix. Be warned, these skills and his addictive charm will have you travelling the globe in the search of white fluffy clouds.
Justin Clarke
Out of all the guided weeks I have been on, the trip to Croatia with Free Flight Academy was the most amazing experience to date. Lee’s knowledge, experience and his amazing passion for teaching creates the perfect recipe for any pilot looking to progress in this sport, no matter how many hours they have..... and on the subject of hours, I managed to clock up 11.5 hours of the most beautiful flying I have ever experienced!
Chris Lee
I had an amazing weeks flying in Croatia with Free Flight Academy. Lee’s passion and knowledge gives him a natural talent for instructing and he is always positive and encouraging no matter what. I was zero hours post CP and came away with 5.5 hours airtime and most importantly, a massive confidence boost thanks to Lee’s cool and calm teaching style
Claire Thompson
The SIV in Turkey has been one of the best flying experiences I have had and I feel so much more confident in the air! I highly recommend every pilot do an SIV and to do it with someone like Lee. Lee genuinely cares about the pilots under his wing, and is keen to see them progress in their flying, in a safe but extremely fun environment. The team he has put together with Free Flight Academy is fantastic. I always feel well taken care of on their trips, leaving me to focus on enjoying my flying.
David Coultous
Lee Tryhorn always has time and patience for low and mid-range pilots and through Free Flight Academy he has personalised the training to small groups, which maximises the time spent on pilots. Lee clearly loves this sport and wants every individual pilot he trains the same opportunity to feel the wonderful benefits it can bring. If you have not met Lee in the paragliding world you are missing out!
Andy Wilkinson
I’ve just got back from a trip to Italy with Free Flight Academy and the coaching was first class in every way. Tailored to the individuals needs it was timed perfectly and right on the money every time. The best thing however was the shear enthusiasm, drive and patience that Lee and Akis have by the bucket load. Their enthusiasm and love of the sport just washes over everyone in an infectious wave that will have you dreaming of thermals and cold fronts - all that on top of three flights a day at uncrowded sites!
Martyn Wimpenny