Colombian Culture Tour (non Paragliding)

Inspired by the fact many pilots have said their non flying partners would love Colombia, in 2023 we launched our first ever non paragliding Colombian culture tour.

The aim of the tour was to show everyone what this amazing country has to offer outside of paragliding and to take you to places that have yet to be truly discovered. In 2023 we achieved this with an incredible journey of discovery through the breath-taking scenery of the Valle del Cauca and Pacific coast and having now confirmed a unique route that cannot be found in any travel agent or guide book we are gearing up to run another tour in 2024.

For those tempted by this bespoke two week trip into the heart of Colombia please read the description below to gain a sense of what the tour includes (but bear in mind it is so hard to do it justice in words!)

The trip starts by flying into the City of Cali known world wide as the home of Salsa dancing. Here we will be joined by our guide and Cali local resident Luisa.

Luisa has been travelling and discovering the inner magic of Colombia her whole life and through her company Lugistic Tours has been opening up many new and beautiful experiences for travellers who want to see a slice of the real Colombia. She is a very dear friend of ours and to have the opportunity to share our skills in professional guiding, means that you will be in the best of hands throughout the entire trip.

To recover from the long flight we will initially be staying in a village around 40 minutes from Cali called Pie de Chiche; which is located deep in the heart of the sugar cane country. Here in addition to relaxing by the pool you will get your first glimpse of true Colombian culture. Made famous by its amazing paragliding, Pie de Chiche has a wide variety of local cuisine, stunning scenery and of course the night time sounds of traditional Salsa.

Whilst in Pie de Chiche, there will be the option to try a tandem flight (weather permitting) and also participate in a Salsa dancing lesson hosted by Luisa and a professional Salsa dance teacher.

Having acclimatised for a few days in Pie de Chinche, we will set off to the Andean town of Salento. Salento is located on the very edge of the Concora Valley, which has amazing views of the plush green valley meadows right up to the high peaks of the Los Nevados mountains in the National natural park. We will take a ride on the famous Willies Jeeps down into the Concora valley where there is a host of ways to experience this pure gem of nature. You can take a horse riding trek through the valleys and up along the ridges offering stunning views of the whole area. Alternatively there is an easy walk up onto the head of the valley where you can see the tall thin wax palm trees spread out as far as the eye can see. These palm trees are a national symbol for Colombia.

By night we will explore some of the artisan bars and restaurants that are spread out all over the village and all in strolling distance from our accommodation.

After a few days exploring Salento we will then move on in our private bus to the town of Finlandia in the Quindio region. Finlandia is another town full of history and culture and with its traditional coloured houses it is a photographers dream. Placed in the middle of a coffee growing area we will be surrounded by the buzz of traditional Colombian life. Here we will have the opportunity to tour a local coffee plantation and again have the opportunity to enjoy the local cuisine in the wide range of restaurants offering Colombian and traditional South American food.

Jardin is our third stop and literally meaning ‘garden’ you will not find a more beautiful location in which to unwind. Our accommodation is nestled into the hillside, an open plan villa with outdoor kitchen, hammocks and jacuzzi , it is the ideal place to relax. However for those of you wanting a little more adventure horse riding, swimming in waterfalls or abseiling down waterfalls are all activities that are included in this incredible location. Bird watching can also be arranged for those after a more peaceful activity.

After the peace of Jardin we will take you to Medellín ‘the city of eternal spring’. The second most populated city in Colombia after Bogata, Medellín for many years was stuck with the title ‘the most dangerous city on earth’. Famous for its drug and cartel culture, if you are a fan of the Netflix series Narcos you will probably have some preconceived ideas about what this city is like but our aim is to show you there is now so much more. This cosmopolitan city is full of fine dining restaurants, music and graffiti art. In Medellín we will have plenty of time to explore the city and we offer a tour into the heart of ‘Comuna 13’ to show you how far the city has come from the Pablo Escobar days.

After the hustle and bustle of Medellín our final stop is Nuqui on the Pacific coast for five nights of pure relaxation.

Flying over the mountains, we will arrive into Nuqui via small plane. We promise we are not exaggerating when we say this place is a pure and unspoilt piece of nature that has not yet been ruined by the human hand. Nuqui itself is a small fishing town and it is the link between the Pacific coast and the outside world. Due to the dense jungle spanning for hundreds of kilometres in land from the coast this part of Colombia is only accessible by plane or boat. From Nuqui we will transfer to our accommodation via a skiff long boat, as there are no linking roads.

We will be delivered onto the beach in front of our eco resort accommodation which prides itself on being able to offer beautiful accommodation right on the coast but with the whole focus being on self sustainable living. We will be staying in the wooden cabins which all face the Pacific Ocean with wonderful beach and jungle walks just metres away from your front door. Due to its remote location this part of the trip is inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner with all food sourced locally.

Nuqui was a real highlight for many this year. The unspoilt nature and natural beaches that exist in this Pacific paradise are beautiful and the sea temperature is like bath water all day long. We would highly recommend an evening sunset swim.

There is nature and wildlife everywhere you look from Hermit Crabs criss crossing the beach to Pelicans flying in formation overhead and diving down into the surf. It is perfectly possible to just while away the time relaxing in a hammock and swimming in the infinity pool next to the ocean however you will also have the opportunity to explore the area with jungle walks to hidden waterfalls, swim in the natural hot springs of Termales, watch baby turtles being released into the ocean (hatchings permitting) and participate in a local dance and music night. Deep sea fishing is also available at an additional charge.

This hidden gem will not disappoint and we guarantee you will end the trip relaxed and refreshed.

After Nuqui we will fly back to Medellín for a final night before the tour ends. We promise you this expereince will make you view Colombia with fresh eyes and we can not wait to take you there.

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The cost of this trip is £2,500 per person

What's Included

  • All transport via our private bus including airport transfers.

  • Plane tickets to Nuqui

  • All accommodation which is based on bed and breakfast (plus lunch and dinner whilst at Pacific coast eco resort)

  • Tickets to all of the attractions and experiences during the trip (except deep sea fishing)

What's Not Included

  • Flights to Colombia
  • Lunches and Evening meals

Please also take a look at our terms and conditions.

Trip Dates

  • February 12th - February 26th


Day Activity Transfer
Monday 12th February

Arrive into Cali

Pie de Chiche
13-14 February

Settle in and salsa class

15-25 Feb

Tour, see main description for activities and locations

Mon 26 Feb

Depart from Medellín

Return home
  • Each person must have their own travel insurance that includes repatriation to their respective country.

  • Each person must check the travel advice concerning vaccinations for Colombia and ensure that if required by their specific country, that these are completed in adequate time before the trip.

  • The terrain in the regions we will be visiting is hilly and this trip offeres you the opportunity to take you off the beaten track. As a result please be advised a basic level of fitness is required for this tour. Anyone with mobility issues (particularly with walking uphill or on uneven surfaces) may struggle with parts of this trip.

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February 12th - February 26th