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Free Flight Academy – A European team of experienced instructors and XC guides
dedicated to paraglider pilot progress and confidence building

Lee Tryhorn


Lee has been flying & teaching paragliding since 2005. His main drive is Acrobatic paragliding which has given him a passion for teaching security in flight and glider control clinics. He is a senior instructor with the BHPA and with a naturally calm and patient personality he specialises in progressing low air time & low confidence pilots. Lee has a high level of experience in running trips abroad and enjoys opening up new paragliding experiences for pilots. Lee is also an experienced tandem pilot and SIV instructor.


Fiona Tryhorn


Qualified in 2011, Fiona is still a relatively low airtime pilot however her organization skills are second to none. If you need a speedy response it is likely to be her who contacts you first and she can be found on all the European trips, driving and taking photos & video of the action on the hill.

Akis Altis


Akis is a very talented XC pilot from Greece. He has a wealth of flying experience and is also a skilled tandem pilot. Fluent in 5 languages he gets on with everyone and is particularly handy at translating menus in far flung locations. Recently he has spent a lot of time living and flying around Colombia and most of South America, so you will find him acting as the fixer on many of our long haul tours.


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Rarely do people fit perfectly to their chosen profession, but when they do, they are the best. Lee is one of these mavericks – he is a highly competent pilot, clear and patient teacher, and an inspirational and fun motivator. Head out and fly with him – you will not regret it!

Simon Sandoval

Thank you guys for a hugely enjoyable trip to the Dominican Republic. It was 2 weeks of pure pleasure: great flying in stunning locations with a lovely group of people, and all very professionally run. Keep up the good work!

Mark Winstanley

My recent trip with Free Flight Academy to The Dominican Republic was excellent. It was well-researched, professionally organised and a wonderful experience and above all great fun. I would like to thank both Lee and Akis for all their hard work and dedication. I have no hesitation in recommending these guys to anyone who has a taste for adventure.

Clive Allen

Lee has a really calm, jovial manner; great for building confidence in his students. He is also really good at picking up on your flying style and areas to work on, so his debriefs are really informative. I have no idea how he spots tips for everyone -must have eagle eyes. He will make sure you get the most out of your holiday. I’m Looking forward to my next trip.

Caroline Williams

I can honestly say, in my opinion, Lee is undoubtedly one of the best paragliding instructors/tour guides in the world. His boundless enthusiasm for the sport, mixed with his immense knowledge of paragliding makes for a potent mix. Be warned, these skills and his addictive charm will have you travelling the globe in the search of white fluffy clouds.

Justin Clarke

I had an amazing weeks flying in Croatia with Free Flight Academy. Lee’s passion and knowledge gives him a natural talent for instructing and he is always positive and encouraging no matter what. I was zero hours post CP and came away with 5.5 hours airtime and most importantly, a massive confidence boost thanks to Lee’s cool and calm teaching style

Claire Thompson

Out of all the guided weeks I have been on, the trip to Croatia with Free Flight Academy was the most amazing experience to date. Lee’s knowledge, experience and his amazing passion for teaching creates the perfect recipe for any pilot looking to progress in this sport, no matter how many hours they have….. and on the subject of hours, I managed to clock up 11.5 hours of the most beautiful flying I have ever experienced!

Chris Lee

The SIV in Turkey has been one of the best flying experiences I have had and I feel so much more confident in the air! I highly recommend every pilot do an SIV and to do it with someone like Lee. Lee genuinely cares about the pilots under his wing, and is keen to see them progress in their flying, in a safe but extremely fun environment. The team he has put together with Free Flight Academy is fantastic. I always feel well taken care of on their trips, leaving me to focus on enjoying my flying.

David Coultous

I’ve just got back from a trip to Italy with Free Flight Academy and the coaching was first class in every way. Tailored to the individuals needs it was timed perfectly and right on the money every time. The best thing however was the shear enthusiasm, drive and patience that Lee and Akis have by the bucket load. Their enthusiasm and love of the sport just washes over everyone in an infectious wave that will have you dreaming of thermals and cold fronts – all that on top of three flights a day at uncrowded sites!

Martyn Wimpenny

Lee Tryhorn always has time and patience for low and mid-range pilots and through Free Flight Academy he has personalised the training to small groups, which maximises the time spent on pilots. Lee clearly loves this sport and wants every individual pilot he trains the same opportunity to feel the wonderful benefits it can bring. If you have not met Lee in the paragliding world you are missing out!

Andy Wilkinson

Paragliding adventure trips in Europe and beyond

Paragliding courses

Our courses include covering all the essential basics of safety in flight, how to search for thermals for lift and how we use the lift to climb.


1.Is Paragliding dangerous?

This is a question that generally gets asked first by new people coming into the sport and I feel it is very important to answer this question honestly.

 Let’s be very clear paragliding is a form of aviation with all the inherent risks that are involved with any form of aviation and injuries and sometimes death can and do occur even to trained pilots using proper equipment.

 However with the technology of the equipment and the research and development that is carried out by the big manufacturers, and the training syllabus devised and used in the UK by the BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding association)  the sport has become very safe and is growing very rapidly throughout Europe and the world.

 When I am asked this question my response is always if I thought the sport and risk factor was too high I wouldn’t have made it my life’s passion, my business or a sport that I have involved many members of my family and friends in.

 The equipment we use in the sport never fails as long as it is in serviceable condition and the equipment has been supplied by a reputable company and is used for its intended and tested purpose. The main reason for accidents that I see in paragliding are poor decision making from both pilots and guides, and pilots using incorrect equipment not suitable for their experience level or intended use.

 To keep yourself and the sport safe it is very important to do your research. If you’re looking for training in the UK or in Europe make sure you use a BHPA registered school which are listed here –

 For qualified pilots looking for guiding or flying development, don’t just fall for a flashy website, ensure your guide or instructor has the necessary qualifications or proven experience in the field you are looking for.

2.Is Paragliding expensive?

Considering paragliding is a form of aviation which allows us to climb in excess of 10,000ft in the right conditions and fly further than 200k-300k in a single Cross Country flight, it is a relatively inexpensive sport to be involved in. It is very similar in costs for example as Scuba Diving in terms of tuition and affording the equipment. It is worth remembering that once you are qualified and have your own equipment there are no fuel costs, no hanger charges or landing fees and apart from joining your local flying club (around£15-£20 per year) it is a pretty much cost free sport.

For paragliding training courses with a BHPA registered school you should expect to pay around £1,000 – £1,500 to go from zero to a Club Pilot which will allow you to fly on your own as a novice pilot.

For equipment the price can vary depending on brand and type but you should expect to pay around £2,300 – £2,600 for a brand new reputable make and model of  beginners glider. For more performance gliders the price can rise anywhere up to around £3,500 for state of the art performance gliders but these are generally for pilots with experience and glider control.

For recreational harnesses you can expect to pay around £450 – £650 brand new.

For reserve parachute systems you can expect to pay around £450 – £600 

Many schools and companies offer package deals for equipment and your training school or brand distributors will have demo kit for you to try before you buy.


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