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So whilst Lee has had the ‘benefit’ of throwing his reserve twice in real life (the hazard of being an Acro pilot), I’ve never (touch wood) had to throw mine in anger. In fact I bought it three years ago and although I have had it repacked annually, generally it’s not something I think about.  Occasionally I’ve had the odd thought such as ‘would I be able to find the handle’ and ‘will I be able to pull the reserve out’ but the concerns have not been anything major…. just a little niggle in the back of my mind.


Free Flight Academy’s paragliding tour of Colombia

A little fun after finishing the 2015 Colombia trip and filming for our XC training vid.

A short film from Free Flight Academy of their Dominican Republic flying tour 2015

Akis making his final flight down after safely getting all the pilots off the last two weeks on the Free Flight Academy SIV course.

An international group of Acro pilots performing a Tandem D-Bag and multiple roll overs from an Hot Air Balloon

Lee Tryhorn from Free Flight Academy giving some hints and tips for thermalling.

Paraglider roll overs and acro and base jumps from a hot air balloon

The Free Flight team has just returned from their second long haul trip of the season to Colombia and as I write this blog it’s hard to put down in words quite what an amazing place it is. Before we get started lets go through the trip statistics. We flew twelve out of thirteen days and clocked up 25 hours of airtime. Some of the pilots collected over 150k of distance spread over the two weeks flying; including some declared triangle tasks of up to 75k. A few personal bests were also beaten, so a big congratulations to those pilots.